Corona Tour

Almost a 100 km circular cycling route runs along the borders of the municipality of Postojna, with around 80% of it consisting of forest dirt paths, as more than half of the municipality of Postojna is covered by forest.


The 4th Corona Challenge takes place on the Corona Tour 
from April 30, 2023 to May 30, 2023
You can complete it either on your own or with a guided tour.


Sorry, the time is up.

T​echnical specifications

Length:  100 km
Total ascent: 2.000 vm
Duration: full-day tour
Surface: ​gravel, asphalt, cart track, 99% drivable 
Difficulty: ​physically very demanding tour

4th Corona Challenge

Bike Slovenia in collaboration with Visit Postojna, has invited you for the fourth time to a very special challenge - the 4th Corona Challenge.

The circular Corona Tour takes place along the borders of the municipality of Postojna, with 80% of the route consisting of forest dirt paths, as more than half of the municipality of Postojna is covered by forest. We ride away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, through the Javornik forests, at the foot of Nanos, and finally past the ruins of the once-mighty Baroque Hošperg Castle. You can find a more detailed description of the Corona Tour below.

The tour, with almost 100 kilometers and 2.000 vm is a real treat for endurance cyclists who enjoy nature. It's a perfect ten! We recommend it to cyclists with tires with good traction and at least front suspension, but it's also interesting for gravel cyclists.

In short:

- Sign up for the 4th Corona Challenge using the form below.
- Load the Corona Tour route into your navigation device - you will receive the GPX file by email in the week before the challenge (you will automatically receive the GPX file when you fill out the registration form below) after April 23, 2023.
- Complete the Corona Tour in one day - anytime between April 30 and May 30, 2023.
- Scan QR codes at the starting point and finish line in front of TIC Galerija and at three intermediate points.
- Check for any road closures in the area where the route crosses the Poček military training ground (no detours!).
- Post a comment and at least one photo on your FB/IG profile or under the Bike Slovenia FB post about your trip.
- We will be very happy if you like FB Bike Slovenia and FB Visit Postojna and use the hashtags #koronatura, #bikeslovenia, #visitpostojna in your posts.

Those who gather enough courage, sign up and complete the Corona tour will be invited to the 4th Corona Challenge Winners' gathering on ​Friday, June 16th, 2023 at 3 pm, where they will receive a nice surprise from Bike Slovenia and Visit Postojna. Diplomas will be awarded on the same stage as the winners of the 3rd stage of the "Tour of Slovenia" will stand in just under two hours.

Participation in the Korona Challenge is free of charge. You ride the Korona tour at your own risk, so ride carefully and within your abilities. Don't forget your helmet and basic cycling equipment. Also, bring enough water and food with you.

You can also follow us on our Facebook page. You can also call us at +386 41 208 387 (Tomaž Penko, TKV I guide) or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We wish you safe cycling and lots of enjoyment! 

Longer description of the Corona tour

The starting/ending point of the route is optional, we suggest cycling clockwise. If we start from Postojna, we first ride towards Unc and just before the intersection for Kalič, we turn right onto a gravel road and climb up into the Javornik forests. We reach the highest point of the Corona tour, followed by a descent, and then we join the Javorniška road, climb a little, and then descend past Poček/Bil (warning: this area may be closed during the week due to military activities, check the Slovenian Armed Forces website) to the village of Žeje. We cross the Pivka river bed past Tišlerjev mill (warning: do not cross the bridge as it is too dangerous; if there is water in the river bed, drive around) to the village of Prestranek (store), and then to the village of Slavina, where we start climbing on a gravel road towards Laž. We pass by a quarry , descend to the Hudičevec farm, and continue on an asphalt road to Razdrto. We turn across the highway (water) to Veliki Ubeljski and onto the path to the village of Strane, past the oldest yew tree (water). We continue the ascent into the Nanos forests to the intersection for Suhi vrh, followed by a descent towards Bukovje, but soon we turn left and climb through several intersections to the Podkraj-Kalce road, from where we turn back onto the gravel road and continue, with ups and downs, all the way to the village of Liplje (regional road PO-Logatec). We ride on the asphalt road to the cemetery in Planina (water) and then to the ruins of the once mighty Hošperg castle (Haasberg). From here, we climb again on a gravel road past the Unška koliševka (125 m deep sinkhole), descend to the PO-Unec road, and take a short ride back to Postojna where we return as winners of the Korona tour or cycling on the outer borders of the municipality of Postojna.

Corona tura - guided tour
The 4th Corona challenge, you can cycle with us!

Registration form "4th Korona Challenge"

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