02 April 2024

MIŠKO, ZA VEDNO V NAŠIH SRCIH Jaz sem muc Miško. Našli so m e novembra 2022 v gozdu na kolesarski poti Sovič. Bil sem star približno 4 mesece....

23 December 2022
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Najbolj nora detektivska kolesarska dogodivščina  je že tukaj!
Pridružite se nam z družino ali prijatelji, spoznajte skrivnosti zadnjih prebivalec grada Haasberg, zapeljite se po Netopirjevi sledi med tremi rekami Planinskega polja in odklenite skriti družinski zaklad. 
Obljubljamo vam nepozabno in edinstveno avanturo na unikatni lokaciji, polno presenečenj, skritih namigov in ugank, ki jih boste morali rešiti v 120 minutah, in to na kolesih.
Doza smeha zagotovljena!


​​We highlight!

​​Current TOP excursion (on foot).

​​The mystery of the "Unške koliševke"

​From a depth of 100 meters, one of the largest Slovenian sinkholes! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Its secret and main attraction are the almost 100-year-old underground tunnels built by Italian soldiers between the wars, turning this exceptional natural phenomenon into a military object. It is the most spectacular remains of the Alpine Wall in Slovenia and the largest fortress on the frontline of the Alpine Wall.

Registration for TOP excursion / UNŠKA KOLIŠEVKA

​Mosaic of routes

The mosaic of cycling routes through the Karst is created by cyclists for cyclists. We offer tours of varying difficulty, determined by several criteria: length, ascent, and surface. The tours can be easier or more challenging, requiring better or worse physical or technical fitness, half-day, full-day, or multi-day, with or without a warm meal. We offer guided tours for closed groups or individual cyclists. All routes can also be adjusted to your wishes and abilities.

​Our groups are small and with experienced, licensed cycling and local tourist guides, we always ensure a carefree cycling adventure. 

Let us know your wishes regarding the destination, duration, difficulty, cycling date, and the number of people, and we will prepare an offer just for you. 

BIKE SLOVENIA - Cyclists for Cyclists; 
Email: info(at), 
Phone number: +386 41 208 387

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3. Korona izziv 30.4. - 30.5.2022
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Vojkova koča na Nanosu - Bike Slovenia

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Vojkova koča na Nanosu - Bike Slovenia

Med rujem in kamnom / 2022

Med rujem in kamnom

​​We cycled through...

Tomaž Penko

​Tomaž Penko is a local tourist guide for the destination of Green Karst, a mountaineering cyclist guide with a PZS license, the head of the TKO PD Postojna, a volunteer, a member of the organizing team of the Tour of Slovenia (DOS), a member of the commission for mountaineering cycling (KTK), a nature lover at heart, and a photographer and graphic designer. As a great lover of nature, he feels best in the forest, on gravel roads and tracks, as well as forest roads when exploring new paths and connections. He is an above-average user of navigation devices and also likes to embark on cycling adventures outside Slovenia. Tomaž is an experienced guide for cycling tours for every occasion and purpose, and the safety of the participants is always his top priority. He is a cycling guide with a heart, as confirmed by the participants who like to return to his cycling tours.


Tomaž Penko

​Nataša is a mountaineer and passionate hiker who has already visited 60 countries. She doesn't like routine, loves challenges and novelties. She is happiest when in touch with nature. She is a mountaineering guide with a PZS license and a licensed local tourist guide for the destination Green Karst. She has cycled the Spanish, Italian and Hungarian Camino. She has hiked the entire Slovenian mountain trail from Maribor to Debeli Rtič, experienced an earthquake while trekking in the Himalayas, and climbed a 6,000-meter peak in India. As a volunteer, she is a member of the supervisory board of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia and the supervisory board of the Mountaineering Society Postojna, a guide of the Mountaineering and Cycling section of PD Postojna, and a regular blood donor. She is an economist specializing in business logistics. She is characterized by punctuality, precision, and excellent organizational skills. She enjoys being in company. You can win her over with a "large draft beer," but only after the tour. Nataša also creates from natural materials such as wood and clay.

Tomaž Penko

​I am Miško the cat. They found me in early November in the forest on the Sovič biking trail. I was about 4 months old. I don't know who left me there, but I was all alone. Two big humans came by, doing something, supposedly fixing signs on the biking trail. I ran a whole kilometer after them and meowed. We even took a selfie. By the way, it wasn't the last one. It started to get dark, and these two put me in their car and took me to their home, where they fed me, and on the first night, I was able to snuggle up between them. They apparently posted my photos and an offer on their FB profile, in case anyone wanted me. But they didn't give me away, nobody was good enough. And that's how I became part of the Bike Slovenia team. I've already met a bike, and in the spring, I'm going on my first tour. Until then, I'll just be cuddled and cuddled. Meow.

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