We have an idea! We offer you a GIFT VOUCHER. We have two of them!
Gift voucher for guided "walking" or Gift voucher for guided "kicking".

1. Gift voucher / guided tour of the mysteries of the Unka Kolisevka
With this GIFT VOUCHER you can give a guided tour of the almost 100-year-old underground tunnels, which is something new and very special. Your lucky recipient will receive a very special and original gift.
The gift voucher is valid for one year.

2. GIFT VOUCHER / guided cycling tour through the Karst
You don't have to think about which tour would be suitable, just buy a GIFT VOUCHER of a certain value. Your lucky gift recipient will choose his or her own cycling tour in 2023.
The gift voucher is valid for one year.

Gift vouchers can be picked up in Postojna or sent by post to your desired address. We can also always send them in pdf format by email. Especially if you are in a hurry. :)